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How To Use LinkedIn To Attract Recruiters

One area of our LinkedIn profile that doesn’t get as much attention as it should is our skills section.Your skills section is important because when recruiters are searching for talent, there are typing these skills out in their search criteria. Linkedin’s algorithms (decision-making rules coded...


The Ideal Network Size To Get Your Next Job

I conducted a mock interview with a client yesterday, and asked him how he got the job interview. Quite simply, he was following a networking strategy that I had outlined to him. He was connecting with hiring authorities on a pre-defined schedule he created for himself, gathering new industry...


The One Thing You Should Know About Canadian Work Culture

I’ve had three Canadian managers in the 5 years I’ve been here. There’s one thing I’ve noticed about them – when they need me to get something done. They don’t tell, they ask. “Can you get that reported completed by EOD today?” “Can you see if those reviews are up-to-date?” I remember a...


5 Hidden Mistakes Your Making At the Job Interview

After weeks, maybe months on the hunt for a job, you’ve finally managed to touchdown on an interview date. Congratulations. But the race is not over yet. You’re going to be on time, have that business casual attire pressed, be conscious of a firm handshake when you greet the manager and have...