manager in Canada receives email

I spend so much time talking about job searching, I realized I rarely talk about what you should after you get the job.

So let’s start with your very first task as a new employee of your new company – with a simple email.

While it’s definitely time to celebrate your new job, don’t take your foot off the pedal just yet.

You still have a probation period to get past. And believe me, with Canadian laws that protect full-time employees, managers are extra cautious during those first 3-6 months.

Because if they feel you’re not a good fit with them or their team, it’s easier to let you go during the probation period. Rather than deal with the administrative overhead and HR processes afterwards.

So how do you create a first-impression that sets your manager’s mind at ease and takes you off their radar sooner?

It starts before day 1.

Attend a team meeting before your first day officially starts.

Let’s say you got the job offer and you were told to start in two weeks.

Imagine how thrilled your manager would be if they received an email from you like this:

“Hi John,

I can’t wait to start working with the team, and thanks once again for this opportunity.

I won’t let you down.

I know how important [insert a project/problem discussed in the interview] is to you, and as discussed, that will be my first priority.

I also know that getting along with the team is critical to the success of this role.

If it’s all right with you, are you OK if I sit in (silently) on a team meeting before [date you start]. It will be an unofficial visit – off the books, but it will certainly help me get a feel for the team and hit the ground running.

Looking forward to your reply.


Assuming there aren’t any HR policies that prevent this from happening, your new manager should be thrilled at the initiative you’re taking.

As promised, at the meeting you sit in silence. You just have to be seen and not heard for now. If you are brought it to the conversation by your manager, any input you provide is a bonus.

Of course, this idea will be challenging if you already have a job. But if you’re a full time job seeker, this move will certainly set you on a smooth path across the probation period. You won’t be on thin ice anymore, and will be well on your way to having a great career with this company.