Use resume bullet points

When a recruiter opens a resumé for the first time, they know in seconds if they are interested in reading the rest of the document or not.

An eye-tracking study conducted in 2018 by Ladders confirmed that recruiters scan a resumé for 7.4 seconds before deciding if they discard the document or read on.

With so little time, you can imagine that formatting of your resumé plays a big role.

One common formatting mistake I see in resumé is not using bullet points effectively.

Bullets provide several underrated benefits to your resumé formatting.

Here are 3 key benefits of using bullet points in your resumé:

  • It improves readability – With 7.4 seconds to scan a document, bullet points helps a recruiter’s eyes to focus on key areas that you want to address in your professional summary at the top and work experience.
  • Forces you to be succinct – When you bullet your accomplishments and services, you’re forced to get to the point in 3-4 lines and stay within the 2-page resumé limit.
  • You stand out – The reader will appreciate your ability to get to the point and present yourself in a clear concise manner. This proves that you actually do have good communication and writing skills over your competition.

So take a look at your resumé today and assess if you’re using bullet points effectively, in your professional summary at the top for sure, and optionally in your work experience sections.

(Notice how I explained the benefits of using bullets, by using bullets? Wasn’t that so much easier to read?)