Work-From-Home Interview Questions

We are living in times where work-from-home is now the norm for most back-office staff.

Depending on the organization and the role, especially if you’re applying for a job at a large enterprise organization, chances are the position is, for now, going to be based from home.

As such, there will be specific questions that have found their way into the job interview these days.

And as always, it’s important to prepare for them in advance – no question left unturned when it comes to job interview prep.

It boils down to three main areas the interviewer will tackle in their own words:

  • Your productivity and motivation without supervision
  • Your ability to solve problems without direct access to a team
  • Your home being conducive to a working environment

Here are some points to consider for each question. You don’t have to go through the entire list during an actual interview. You can pick the one or two points that resonate with you and elaborate on that.

Provide examples and stories to elaborate the point you’ve chosen.

Q. How do you stay productive and motivated without supervision?

  • You have a schedule laid out in your calendar and you stick to it
  • You look forward to change
  • You enjoy projects and keep your team and manager actively informed on progress
  • You actively participate in daily/weekly team meetings

Q. What will you do if there is an emergency and your team/manager is offline?

  • Resort to other forms of communication. I’m not resistant to using the phone.
  • If working cross-functionally, I’d escalate to a team member or manager, depending on the urgency
  • As a last resort, I’d escalate to a manager’s manager, depending on the urgency

Q. Can you describe your home office setup?

  • If you have pets or kids, you’ve setup a space in your home where you won’t be disturbed.
  • You have reliable, high-speed internet from [reputed telecom company]. The family knows to limit video streaming during office hours.
  • The area is well lit and has got good acoustics for video conferencing

The interviewers will of course have their own variation of questions related to working from home, but ultimately, all they want to know is if you are self-managed, can work with a remote team, and have a suitable working environment at home.