Lost Job Due To Covid

If you’ve just lost your job due to COVID, the first thing that hits you may not be the money. It may not be the upcoming agony of the job search.

The first thing that hits you is facing your social circles, jobless.

There is a stigma associated with losing your job, regardless of the circumstances.

You feel ashamed, guilty, embarrassed, or a combination of these. It’s understandable, we are all human. Your career is a big part of your life after all and for some of us, it’s a part of our image.

A recent study conducted by LinkedIn however, has shown that this stigma may be hurting your chances of finding your next job.

If that shame, embarrassment, guilt or whatever else you’re feeling is preventing you from reaching out to your social circles for help, you could be missing out on a huge opportunity.

Look I get it.

It’s hard to be vulnerable. It’s tough to change your LinkedIn profile status to “Looking for new opportunities…” because it tells the world you’re out of work.

But remember two things:

#1 People are naturally helpful. You just have to make it easy for them to help. As awkward as you may feel to ask for help, they feel just as awkward to involuntarily give it.

“If he needs my help, he’ll ask for it”

#2 You probably already know that networking is the fastest way to a new job. What you may not know is that statistics show that it’s your second level connections that will result in your next job.

In other words, it’s not your friends, family or colleagues you know who can find you work, but it’s the people they know that will.

To quote my favorite career expert Martin Yate “The quickest way to end your job search is to speak to the people who have the power and authority to hire you, as quickly as possible and as often as possible.”

So take the plunge.

It’s hard to be vulnerable, I know. But whoever that close personal contact is, they will be glad you reached out to them and asked for their help.

That initial awkward moment is a band-aid you have to rip off. After that, you’ll feel relaxed and start to having a meaningful conversation about what it is exactly that you’re looking for. The more specific the better.

So if you’re out of work, phone your friend, your family, your colleague and ask them to make an introduction today.